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Over one quarter of Indonesia's forests have disappeared in the past 25 years. This needless destruction drives the conditions that fuel immense forest fires.

Brands like Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo and Colgate-Palmolive who use palm oil must stop hiding behind promises and pledges. They must start delivering real change on the ground to protect forests and prevent another forest fires crisis.

We demand real commitments, real timelines and real action to make sure palm oil companies stop putting lives at risk by destroying forest and peatlands. We can't afford to wait any longer - sign the petition now.

Forests not Fires

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CEO: Johnson & Johnson
CEO: PepsiCo
CEO: Colgate-Palmolive
and companies that use palm oil

"Your palm oil policy is failing to stop deforestation in Indonesia. We demand you take urgent action to stop the destruction of forests and peatland for palm oil - before another fires crisis does even more damage"

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Are companies doing enough to save Indonesia's forests?

  • Good progress tracking palm oil to plantations. Reasonable progress on transparency. Strong advocate for industry change.

  • High standards and making real progress towards tracing its palm oil. Good progress in ensuring suppliers are not destroying rainforests.

  • Good progress towards clean palm oil supply and pushing for industry reform. Refuses to reveal suppliers.

  • Needs to work on identifying suppliers’ links to deforestation. Openly discusses its suppliers.

  • On track to ensuring palm oil is not linked to deforestation. Willing to drop poor suppliers. Refuses to disclose suppliers.

  • Good progress on tracing its palm oil. Transparent about its top suppliers. Needs to focus on ensuring suppliers are protecting rainforests.

  • Reasonable progress towards deforestation-free supply chain. Strong standards and transparent about top suppliers.

  • Strong policy but must ensure suppliers are protecting forests. Refuses to disclose suppliers.

  • Phasing out suppliers without 'no deforestation' policies. Pushing for strong industry standards. Must work harder on tracing its palm oil.

  • Needs to do more to ensure its palm oil is not linked to deforestation. Some idea where its palm oil comes from.

  • Making decent progress tracing its palm oil. Has started excluding problematic suppliers. A strong advocate for palm oil industry reform.

  • Failing on all counts. No idea where its palm oil comes from and refuses to disclose suppliers.

  • Little progress in avoiding dirty palm oil. Refuses to reveal suppliers. Supports strong standards to end deforestation.

  • Little evidence that its palm oil is not linked to deforestation. Needs to increase traceability to plantations. Must ensure suppliers comply with its policy.