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Upload your photo to Instagram and tag @cocacolaEU.To increase the chance of Coke seeing your post add hashtags #EndOceanPlastics, #ShareACoke, #CokeSummer and #TasteTheFeeling

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Upload your picture to Facebook and tag @CocaCola. Alternatively,you can go to Coca-Cola's own Facebook page and use your photo to comment on one of their recent posts.

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Simply upload your picture to Twitter and tweet @CocaColaEP @CocaCola_GB and use #OceanPlastics (and #ShareACoke for the Coke emoji!)

Don't use social media or haven't spotted any bottles near you? You can still give Coke a call or drop an email to their CEO.

Phone CokeEmail Coke

Don't use social media? You can also email your pictures to Coke at Let them know where you found the bottle and ask them to take action on their plastic pollution!