Frack Free Promise: FAQs

What is the Frack Free Promise?

The Frack Free Promise is a pledge that MPs can add their name to. The pledge is: "If my constituency is at risk of fracking, I will oppose it. If my constituency is not at risk, I will oppose fracking nationwide."

What is fracking?

Fracking (short for hydraulic fracturing) is the process of blasting water, sand and chemicals into the earth to free gas and oil trapped in rocks deep underground.

We already have more fossil fuels than we can burn if we want to avoid the worst impact of climate change -- a new gas industry would simply mean more emissions.

Leaks, which aren't uncommon, could contaminate groundwater supplies or even reach the surface.

And then there's the trucks, too. Each site would require 6-17 truckloads of water per day.

So why do it? It has been claimed that shale gas could bring down bills. However here in the UK, where the gas market is very different to countries like the US, it simply isn’t the case. Fracking companies will sell their gas to whoever pays the most for it. Plus we already export gas at the same time as importing it for more money, that’s just how the market works.

It's clear that fracking is not the answer to our energy needs. If the government is serious about tackling climate change, a mass investment in renewable energy is needed. And if the government is serious about lowering bills, a large scale roll out of energy efficiency measures, like insulating homes and cutting demand, would be a far better place to start.

Who’s behind the Frack Free Promise?

The Frack Free Promise is an initiative from Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.