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The Frack Free Promise is a statement MPs can sign on to and declare that you will oppose fracking in your constituency.

If you are an MP, please take part by filling in your details below. After you’ve signed up, we’ll add your name to our online map of MPs who’ve declared their support, so that Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth supporters in your constituency can see you’ve signed.

Sign the Frack Free Promise

"If my constituency is at risk of fracking, I will oppose it. If my constituency is not at risk, I will oppose fracking nationwide."


What is the Frack Free Promise?

The Frack Free Promise is a statement MPs can sign on to and commit to oppose fracking in their constituency. The results are published online at and

How can I find out if my constituency is at risk of fracking?

This map shows the areas where fracking has been licensed – dark blue blocks indicate fracking licenses.

Why should I sign the Frack Free Promise?

Since exploration for shale gas was first proposed in the UK, local opposition to drilling has been on the rise – there are now more than 200 community groups working to oppose fracking in their communities. Signing the Frack Free Promise is an opportunity to show that you've heard their concerns.

What if I don't sign?

It's up to you to explain to constituents why you won't oppose fracking. The results of the Frack Free Promise are displayed on and, so if you are an MP and haven't signed you should expect to receive further emails from constituents, encouraging you to take part.

It's not possible to go against my party's policy on this issue, even if I wanted to

In February 2015, 52 MPs voted for a moratorium on fracking. In doing so, many of these MPs broke from their party line on the issue. Fracking is clearly a very important issue to many people, whose views need to be represented.

How will Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth use the signatures they collect?

The results will be displayed on a map (listing MPs who have signed, and those who have not) that will be published on and If you fill in the sign-up form on this page, you will be listed on the website as a PPC that has signed the Frack Free Promise.

Will my email address be stored securely?

Yes. We sourced MP email addresses from Although this data is already publicly available, we will store it securely in our database and we will not publish your email address.

How can I find out more about fracking?

For in-depth research into environmental concerns about fracking, please read Greenpeace's Fracking: What's the Evidence? report.