Why just tuna?

Together we want UK brands to:

Catch just tuna. Right now, huge numbers of marine creatures” – like sharks, turtles and whales rays - end up in nets meant for tuna fish. These animals are often thrown back into the sea dead, ruining our oceans.

Commit to Just treatment for seafood workers. Right now 57% of seafood workers have been subjected to forced labour. There are far too many reports of exploitation, forced and bonded labour and other human rights abuses on vessels, in parts of the global seafood industry.

Broken promises: Our league table

Big brands like John West and Princes made promises to clean up their act. But quite simply – they’ve broken them. John West promised to sell 100% sustainably caught tuna by 2016 – right now just 2% of its tuna is sustainable! The biggest UK brand is still using destructive and wasteful tuna fishing methods which are killing sharks and endangered, turtles, amongst many other kinds of fish.

And it gets worse. John West’s owners, the largest seafood company in the world, Thai Union, has recently been linked to human rights abuses at sea in some of its other seafood supply chains – from bonded labour to human trafficking.

Princes, another huge UK tuna brand, promised consumers they’d achieve 100% sustainable tuna by now. But they’ve missed their own deadline by miles. Just a ¼ of their tins contain sustainable tuna as it stands.

Whereas supermarket tuna is on the up, brands like Waitrose, M&S, Sainsbury’s, and Tescos and Aldi as well as Asda, Morrisons and the Co-operative all use solely sustainable tuna in their tins – and that’s because of people like us taking action. Just last year Oriental & Pacific performed poorly in our tuna league table, but thousands of us campaigned to change their ways – and they cleaned up their act.

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