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Meet the team

We stopped a 1500 tonne coal train. We are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers -- ordinary people who've been driven to extraordinary lengths to stand against coal, the number one threat to the climate. Get to know some of us here.

  • Dave, from Ireland

    Nothing says climate change quite like coal. It symbolises our addiction to fossil fuels. It is the filthiest of all fossil fuels. The government says it's serious about acting on climate change, but is still intent on burning coal. That just doesn't add up. The risks of doing nothing about climate change are much bigger than any risks that we are taking today by stopping this train.

  • Veronica, from London

    I went to the People's Climate March on Sunday. It was great! If you're at home getting frustrated -- get out there, get active. Get together with other people and take action. We have to think of what will benefit future generations. We are creating a disaster for them. To United Nations leaders, I'd like to say: "It's your time to make history. Be leaders. Set a vision for the world that's cleaner and fairer and more peaceful."

  • Malcolm, retired maths teacher

    I'm worried about the future of everyone on this planet, my kids and grandkids. Energy companies? They have a vested financial interest. And the government today is run by those kinds of vested interests. We need to start being serious about investing in renewables and the government's policies have got to match that. Getting off coal is the first step.

  • Peter, from Reading

    Governments aren't doing enough to act on climate change. Somebody has to be part of the solution rather than the problem, and that's what we're doing today. What would I say to the politicians at UN? Wake up to the reality of climate change and do something about it!  We need to stop using these dirty fuels.

  • Jacky, from south Yorkshire

    I first got involved in anti-nuke action at Sellafield. I remember writing to politicians 15 years ago or so, when they first started talking about climate change. Since then there's just been so little progress but lots of lip service.

    We're a group of professional and dedicated people, and I'm proud to be alongside them today.

  • Indi, from Devon

    I’ve been with Greenpeace for 7 years, because I want to live in a cleaner, greener environment. In the last year, the UK has burnt more fossil fuels than Norway and Sweden combined. But we if we’re going to stop climate change, we need to stop burning coal and invest in renewables. There is no alternative.


Why are we doing this?

We stopped 1,500 tonnes of coal from being delivered to Cottam power station in Nottinghamshire.

At the same moment, global leaders are gathered in New York for an unprecedented meeting to discuss climate change.

Politicians can't keep claiming to care about the future of our planet while we're hooked on coal -- coal that will wreck the climate if we keep burning it.

It's the people vs coal. Help tell the world it's time we quit.