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Barclays: Say no to dirty tar sands
Canada’s tar sands produce some of the dirtiest and most polluting oil in the world.

To get oil from the tar sands onto the market, Canada wants to build three huge pipelines - crossing forests, mountains, Indigenous lands and many rivers.

Barclays is the only UK bank still choosing to fund these dirty, dangerous projects.

Indigenous communities in North America are in the path of all three of these pipelines, but they’re fighting back. Stand with the Indigenous communities, who are protecting water, wildlife and our shared climate, and hold Barclays bank to account.


To: Jes Staley, CEO of Barclays Bank + all other dirty dozen banks

"Confirm your bank will not provide financial support for dirty tar sands pipelines projects and/or Energy Transfer Partners, and agree to create a policy which commits to never fund these toxic oil pipelines in the future."

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