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Don't let the US rewrite our food standards
In the US, factory-farms have low hygiene and welfare standards to ramp up production so they can drive down costs.

The UK has been protected from imports of chlorinated chicken, hormone-fed beef and other low standard food products through the EU for decades. But with the UK now out of the EU, the US will be hoping to weaken our trading standards as part of a new trade deal.

We can’t let other countries rewrite our rulebook. We need a food system that respects animals and restores nature. Tell the government to put the UK’s environmental, food safety and animal welfare protections into law so that harmful imports like chlorinated chicken are banned in all future trade deals!


To: Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

"Guarantee in law that all food imports will meet the same environmental, safety and animal welfare standards as food that is currently produced in the UK."

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Let's stop a bad deal for our food standards and natural world.
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