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UK government - no oil drilling in our national parks
Fossil fuel companies want to get around restrictions on fracking in national parks - using acid to drill for oil in some of the UK's most beautiful places.

The 'acid drilling' technique has some similar risks to fracking - but it’s barely monitored and much less regulated.

Our national parks are for nature and people, not oil and gas. Sign the petition to help protect these special places.


To: Greg Clark, energy secretary

"Please stop all new oil and gas drilling in national parks and other protected areas."

Fossil fuel companies including, Cuadrilla, UK Oil and Gas and Angus Energy have bought up oil drilling licenses across southeastern England - on the Isle of Wight and in an area called the Weald.

It’s bad enough that companies are trying to drill new oil wells when the threat of climate change means we can’t even burn all the oil from wells we already have. But to make things worse, these license areas include national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty and other important sites for science and nature.

Almost 180,000 acres of protected land are at risk - including huge areas of the Surrey Hills, South Downs and Isle of Wight.

The companies have told investors they can get a billion barrels of oil from this region, and there’s no way they’re getting that from the dozen-or-so existing wells in the area.

If they want to live up to their own hype, they’ll need to drill thousands of new wells, then ‘stimulate’ them - using diluted acid to dissolve the rocks where oil is trapped.

> Learn more about acid drilling.
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