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Facebook's role in Amazon destruction
An explosive BBC investigation has just found that huge chunks of Amazonian land which are supposed to be protected are up for sale on Facebook.

The Amazon rainforest helps regulate the climate and is home to millions of people – many of whom are Indigenous people or traditional communities but Facebook’s Marketplace is allowing huge swathes of protected and Indigenous land to be sold on its platform at the click of a button. Facebook must take responsibility immediately.


To: Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook VP Global Affairs, Nick Clegg

“Don’t allow Facebook to play a role in forest destruction. Ban all illegal sales of public and protected land in the Amazon on Facebook and immediately remove users who are illegally selling this land.”

Selling this land is illegal, but under President Bolsonaro land grabbers have been emboldened to destroy the Amazon for timber, cattle farms and mining. In the coming weeks, politicians in Brazil are trying to push through changes in laws that will legitimise the actions of forest destroyers. That’s why Facebook must take swift action now.
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