| Ban lead in petrol exports

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UK Government: Ban All Exports Of Lead In Petrol!
It can have dangerous, and even deadly effects on people’s health, and is especially harmful to children. It can contaminate our air, soil, food and even our food crops and drinking water. Leaded petrol has been banned in the UK and across the world precisely for these reasons.

It’s still legal to burn leaded petrol in Algeria and one UK company is exploiting this despite knowing exactly how dangerous the fuel is.

Liam Fox is our representative for trade around the world. As we approach post-Brexit trade negotiations, we need reassurance from the Government that it takes chemical and environmental regulations seriously, at home and abroad.


To: Liam Fox - Secretary of International Trade

"Leaded petrol is proven to cause brain damage and a host of other health problems. Environmental and chemical regulations are vital to protect our health and our planet. Please ban all exports of this outdated and dirty fuel immediately, and commit to championing high environmental and health standards in all future trade deals"

Innospec are making millions from selling the fuel additive tetraethyl lead (TEL) to Algeria. They’re based right here in the UK, and although TEL was banned here 17 years ago, exporting it is still perfectly legal.

Mr Fox has the power to stop the sale of this dirty and dangerous fuel once and for all - and to set high standards for UK trade deals. Sign the petition to get Leaded petrol exports banned once and for all.

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