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BP: switch to 100% renewable energy - or shut down
Around the world, the climate emergency is wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Burning fossil fuels like oil and gas has got us into this mess. And BP have plans that will make the crisis even worse.

BP already have more fossil fuels on their books than we can afford to burn if we’re to avoid total climate break down. Prior to the onset of COVID-19 measures and the oil price crash, BP had planned to spend $71 billion digging up new oil and gas over the next ten years.

If BP continue down this path, it will push the climate even closer to breaking point - and that means more frequent and even more severe climate fires and floods. BP must immediately stop digging for new oil and gas and then stop being an oil company altogether!


To incoming BP CEO, Bernard Looney:

“we’re in a climate emergency. BP must immediately stop digging for new oil and gas, and reveal a credible plan to go 100% renewable - or shut down.”

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