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Chancellor, Philip Hammond is finalising the Budget that will decide the future of energy and transport for the UK.

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HM Treasury,

1 Horse Guards Rd,

London, SW1A 2HQ

Dear Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer

I am writing to you regarding the upcoming Budget. I am hoping to see announcements in the Budget that will set the UK on course to be a leader in the global race for a modern, clean economy. The post Brexit era could open Britain up to many opportunities and risks, which is why I believe this Budget is a pivotal moment as it will define whether the UK wins the race or lags behind in the next industrial and transport revolutions.

Strong leadership will mean the government prioritises innovation and investment in clean technologies that make both economic and environmental sense. Developing a clean transport system and a cutting edge, reliable and green energy industry to power the UK will lead to economic growth, new high quality jobs and help to combat climate change.

I believe that the government should be implementing the following policies to ensure we grab the opportunities to show leadership with both hands.

1. Double the ambition for offshore wind between 2020-2025 – through at least £1bn further support in the Levy Control Framework, allocated over this Parliament, to build on the £730m already committed.

2. Adjust the proposed hike in business rates for commercial solar power to a more reasonable level, to avoid crushing the industry.

3. Revise Vehicle Excise Duty for new diesel cars to account for the damaging health impacts caused by diesel. Any diesel scrappage scheme should help lower income drivers with the costs of public transport, car share tokens, or buying a new hybrid or electric vehicle.

I am asking you to provide the vital financial support, and work with the Department for Transport, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industry to develop these policies. We need a modern Budget for a modern Britain.

Yours sincerely

Greenpeace UK and people