Tell Coke to stop choking our oceans

It’s not good enough that the biggest soft drinks company in the world pumps out billions of throwaway plastic bottles every year and then blames everyone but themselves for their environmental impact.

As the world’s largest soft drinks company, Coca-Cola has a unique responsibility to drastically reduce its plastic footprint and stop its products from choking our oceans.

We’re calling on Coke to commit to phasing out single-use plastic, embrace reusable packaging and make sure the rest is made from 100% recycled content.

It’s clear: if we’re going to protect our oceans we need to end the age of throwaway plastic, because our oceans can’t stomach any more.


  1. Carefully read through the talking points below to help guide you with what you could say.
  2. Call Coca-Cola’s HQ on 0800 22 77 11 or 01895 231 313 or 0208 237 3000 and listen in for a moment, don't click one of the options - you'll then be put through to the correct department
  3. Take notes during the call so that you can feedback how it went later.
  4. When you're finished, fill in the form below to tell us how the phone call went.

What to say

  • When you get through, clearly state your name and the town/city you’re calling from.

  • If you’re a Coca-Cola customer, let them know about it.

  • You'll be talking to someone from Coca-Cola GB - But emphasise that Coca-Cola need to be dealing with their ocean plastics problem globally

  • Tell them why you’re calling (check out the talking points below)

  • The customer services team may tell you that they aren’t the best people to talk to about this issue, but don’t be put off! Tell them you’d like them to pass your message on to the relevant department.

  • If they ask you to send an email, tell them that 80,000 people have already emailed Coca-Cola’s CEO about the issue.

  • Remember to be polite with whoever you're talking to

Here are some points to include in your call:

  • Coca-Cola churn out 100 billion of throwaway plastic bottles each year, and billions of them are ending up on beaches, in landfill and in the sea.

  • It’s clear: to protect the oceans we need to dramatically reduce the use of throwaway plastic packaging.

  • We need companies like Coca-Cola (that produce and sell vast amounts of this plastic packaging) to phase out their use of plastic bottles that are designed to be used only once.

  • To do this, they need to invest in coming up with new and innovative alternatives to single-use plastic bottles - and prioritise re-usable packaging.

  • And whilst they’re working on this - Coke should be making their bottles from 100% recycled plastic (at the moment it’s just 7% globally).

  • We also want Coke to be more honest about the types and amount of plastic they use, reuse and recycle globally (they’re refusing to tell us all).

  • Finally, don’t forget to tell Coke why you care about plastic in the oceans. 90% of seabirds now have plastic in their stomachs. Coca-Cola may want us to “Taste The Feeling”, but marine life shouldn’t have to.

The call-taker may ask you for your email address or phone number, so the team who will be dealing with your complaint can get back to you. Do leave your contact information if you feel comfortable doing so - it means they're more likely to look at and respond to your complaint rather than just ignoring it.

Finally, ask the call-taker for their name (if they haven’t given it already) and thank them for their time.

Thank you for taking part! We will keep you updated on how the campaign progresses. We respect your privacy and you can opt out at any time.