Call Sainsbury's & tell them to drop John West!

Sainsbury's are refusing to listen to the thousands of people who have asked them to stop selling John West's unsustainable tuna. It's time to make our voices louder. If hundreds of us inundate their customer service phone lines with calls, they won't be able to ignore us so easily - they'll have to respond directly.


  1. Carefully read through the talking points below to help guide you with what you could say.
  2. Call the Sainsbury’s Customer Careline on 0800 636 262 and listen through to the end of the provided options (there are only 4) - the last option is, “for anything else, please hold and we’ll put you through to our Customer Carelines”
  3. Take notes during the call so that you can feedback how it went later.
  4. When you're finished, fill in the form below to tell us how the phone call went.

What to say

  • When you get through, clearly state your name and the town/city you’re calling from. If you usually shop at Sainsbury's let them know!

  • Say that you are calling about Sainbury’s stocking unsustainable John West tuna. John West tuna is caught using destructive fishing methods, which are harmful to other marine life, such as sharks and turtles.

  • The customer services team may tell you that they aren’t the best people to talk to about this issue, but don’t be put off! Tell them you’d like them to pass your message on to the relevant department.

  • If they ask you to send an email, tell them that you and 94,000 others have already emailed CEO Mike Coupe and are disappointed that you haven't had a response!

Here are some points to include in your call:

  • On the ‘Sustainability Plan’ section of their website, Sainsbury’s state that “Healthy oceans are vital for the health of our planet and millions of livelihoods around the world”. In light of this, they must insist that the brands they stock, like John West, stop using destructive fishing methods such as Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs).

  • It’s great that Sainsbury’s own brand tuna is 100% pole & line caught, but why then do they stock tuna caught using unsustainable methods?

  • Tesco and Waitrose have already said they could drop John West if they don’t reach high sustainability standards and renounce this destructive fishing method. Tesco have even started taking John West products off their shelves! Customers should expect nothing less from Sainsbury’s.

The call-taker may ask you for your email address or phone number, so the team who will be dealing with your complaint can get back to you. Do leave your contact information if you feel comfortable doing so - it means they have to look at and respond to your complaint rather than just ignoring it.

Similarly, if you have a Nectar card or are a regular Sainsbury's customer then this will all add to the pressure so let them know!

Finally, ask the call-taker for their name (if they haven’t given it already) and thank them for their time.

UPDATE: Sainsbury's have put together a script for their customer services team to answer your calls - but it just dodges the issues!

They say : "We are very proud of our position as the leading UK retailer of sustainable fish"

We say: How can they claim this while they continue to make profit out of John West unsustainable tuna?!

They say: "Our efforts remain focused on our own brand supply chains"

We say: It's not enough! Just as Tesco and Waitrose did, they now have to take responsibility for branded canned tuna products and make sure they only offer sustainable tuna to their customers.

They say: "John West is working to improve its sustainability status by the end of 2018"

We say: Tesco and Waitrose have decided this is not soon enough and we expect nothing less from Sainsbury's. John West have had since 2011 to improve their sustainability. Go 100% sustainable tuna.

Thank you for taking part! We will keep you updated on how the campaign progresses. We respect your privacy and you can opt out at any time.