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Sign the petition for a clean powered UK
While other countries rapidly expand renewables, clean energy in the UK is facing an uncertain future. Cuts to the industry, dished out under the previous government, have already triggered thousands of job losses. And now Brexit is putting investment in the industry on even shakier ground.

But right now, Theresa May's government has a chance to get things back on track.

Government ministers are currently drawing up plans for UK clean power. So together, let’s tell the government that, instead of building risky and expensive nuclear plants - like Hinkley - and instead of forcing fracking on us, they must support clean, renewable power.


To: Prime Minister Theresa May
CC: Greg Clark, Business and Energy Secretary

"Please commit to more than doubling the UK's clean energy capacity by 2025 – to create jobs, power an electric vehicle revolution, and help create a safe climate."

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