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Boris Johnson: It’s time to keep your promise and act on the climate and nature emergencies
Back in February 2020 Boris Johnson promised “urgent action” on the climate crisis. Since then the world has been battling a health crisis - but the climate and nature emergencies we face haven't gone away.

Our planet is heating. Vulnerable communities, least responsible for climate and nature destruction, are being hit the hardest. One million wildlife species are facing extinction.

Over the next year, three huge global moments have the potential to change the course of human history: a major nature summit, a climate summit and Global Ocean Treaty negotiations. The UK will be hosting one of these, COP26 in Glasgow, and we’re calling on Boris Johnson to push for international action and present concrete plans on how his government will lead by example and:

- Set legal targets to halt and begin to reverse the decline of nature by 2030.
- Fully or highly protect 30% of UK waters by 2030.
- Deliver net zero UK emissions as soon as possible, without offsets.

The threats facing the climate, our oceans and our forests are all connected. We cannot solve one without tackling them all. Tell Boris Johnson to stop talking, and start acting!


To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“Lead by example in tackling the climate and nature crises to encourage other governments around the world to be ambitious at the crucial United Nations summits. ”

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