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UK Government: Act now on the Climate Emergency
Our climate is breaking down. Rising seas and more frequent extreme weather events are putting tens of millions of lives around the world at risk.

Here in the UK, the government is failing to do what's needed in the face of the crisis. We need them to put the emergency brake on now and start turning the ship around - the climate won't grant us any extensions.

Call on the UK government to act now on the Climate Emergency.


To: UK government

"Now that Parliament has declared a Climate Emergency, we need you to act like it. For starters, that means:

(1) Banning all new oil and gas production in the UK, including fracking
(2) Tripling renewable energy by 2030
(3) Planting 700 million trees
(4) Introducing a Frequent Flyer Tax
(5) Ending the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030
(6) Rolling out free bus travel for young people and those on lower incomes
(7) Ending carbon emissions from heavy industry like steel and cement
(8) Creating millions of jobs in a new green economy
(9) Retrofitting our homes to go zero carbon
(10) Radically changing the farming and food system to encourage a less meat-based diet"

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