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Kit Kat. Colgate toothpaste. Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Dove. Doritos. Kellogg’s Pop Tarts. Ritz crackers. M&M’s. Head & Shoulders.
Almost ten years ago the makers of these products promised to stop buying palm oil from rainforest destroyers. But we discovered these companies aren’t keeping that promise.

These companies buy their palm oil from Wilmar - the dirtiest palm oil giant in the world - fuelling destruction, forest fires and human rights abuses across Indonesia.

Palm oil does not have to come from rainforest destruction. But Wilmar won’t change until big companies stop buying its dirty palm oil.

Tell big companies to drop Wilmar before it’s too late for Indonesia’s rainforests.

*These products are made with palm oil in at least one of the following locations Asia, Europe and/or the Americas.


"Drop dirty palm oil"

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