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Letter to the Chancellor: No blank cheques for big polluters
Dear Chancellor,

Throughout the global Covid-19 health crisis, the aviation industry has lobbied the Treasury for vast sums of public money in the form of bailouts or ‘no-strings-attached’ loans.

As you are the main decision maker for how taxpayer money is used, we are writing to let you know how important it is that any public support offered to the aviation industry ensures workers and our planet are put first.

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Tell Chancellor Rishi Sunak, that if he gives airlines a bailout, then they must protect their workers and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to being one of the most polluting industries in the world, avoiding emission cuts as effectively as they avoid tax, airlines such as EasyJet refused to cancel big payouts to their shareholders in March, while they were asking their workers to go on unpaid leave. This is not an industry that will do the right thing voluntarily.

That’s why any government support must come with strict conditions, including:

Protect workers. Workers’ rights, pay and representation should be the priority, not profits for shareholders or bosses.

Protect the climate. Government must reduce the number of flights to tackle the sector's climate impact without relying on offsetting.

Protect the public. The industry has to start paying a fair share of tax, including a Frequent Flyer Levy and make sure those who fly the most pay the most.

Now more than ever, public money must be used for public good - anything less won’t fly.
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