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UK Government: Don't Risk Billions On Nuclear Power
Hitachi is demanding government funding to save its struggling nuclear power project. If something goes wrong, we could lose billions of pounds of public money.

We don’t need new nuclear plants. Offshore windfarms are already cheaper and quicker to build - and fast-improving energy storage tech means we can have clean, reliable power instead.

We’re asking Theresa May to drop this nuclear deal and back renewables instead. Will you add your voice?


To: Prime Minister Theresa May

"Don’t risk billions propping up nuclear companies. Please back renewable energy instead."

Hitachi are trying to build a new nuclear plant called Wylfa, on Anglesey in Wales. Like nearly all new nuclear projects, it's running way over budget, and private investors have turned their backs.

So earlier this year, Hitachi demanded public money to support the project. They even set a deadline for the government to commit the funds.

Hitachi are threatening to abandon Wylfa if the government doesn’t fund it, and ministers are under a lot of pressure to offer them a deal.

If our government starts nuclear power projects, we’re all bought in - and could end up footing the bill if things go wrong.

And the risks are very real. Hitachi has a sketchy track record with nuclear projects - and the technology they’re using is pretty unreliable.

Here's the good news: there is an alternative - and it's ready to go. Offshore wind power is already lighting up millions of UK homes, and it's cheaper and quicker to build than nuclear. With a mix of renewable sources and a modern electricity grid, we can have clean, reliable power instead.

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