2017 Investment Opportunity

Your investment is needed for an innovative approach to tackle environmental destruction.

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As a Greenpeace Venture Philanthropist, you will join a group of ambitious, far-sighted individuals with the power to create lasting change for the planet.

We need individuals with the foresight and wherewithal to create a step-change in the future of our planet, by investing in our IDEAL approach:


We use confidential sources, satellite imagery, undercover operations and scientific testing to investigate those responsible for destroying the environment. We find out where the real power lies to make change happen, and research the solutions needed.


Our researchers, scientists, lawyers and campaigners document the findings of our investigations and use this fail-safe case to present our evidence. 


If the offenders refuse to listen to our case and improve their practices, we expose them in a public. This puts our message in front of the people who need to hear it.


As an ultimate tactic, Greenpeace activists take high-profile action in peaceful direct confrontations to stop the destruction and push forward the solutions.


Greenpeace political advisors work directly with businesses and MPs to help them develop environmentally sustainable policies that will stand the test of time.

This tried and tested method of stopping environmental destruction helps find solutions that are good for the environment, good for society and economically viable.

Time and again, this approach has proven successful in convincing multinational businesses, government and industry to adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

To find out more about how you can be the catalyst for change that our planet needs, please get in touch and become a Greenpeace Venture Philanthropist today.

You can fund an approach that has a proven track record of creating real and lasting change across the planet.

Save Forests

If the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on Earth. When industries and government devastate the world’s great forests, they destroy fragile ecosystems. They drive rare species like tigers to the brink of extinction, displace Indigenous peoples and contribute to climate change. We are working to end deforestation globally by targeting the main drivers – cattle, soy, mega dams, palm oil, pulp and paper industries. We investigate and expose their environmental destruction, and get them to commit to zero deforestation policies.

Over recent years, we’ve had great success with brands such as Nestlé, Unilever, Mattel and even APP, Indonesia’s biggest pulp and paper producer, who all agreed to stop sourcing products from the rainforest. However, further down the supply chain, traders and plantation businesses are still devastating the rainforest. We need to continue to investigate these supply chains and demand accountability and transparency. This type of work is where we have most impact but, to see it through, we need substantial investment from individuals who share our vision for protecting the planet.

Protect the Arctic

Temperatures are rising faster in the Arctic than anywhere else on Earth and the ice is rapidly melting during the summer months. This dramatic loss of sea-ice is having a profound impact on the Arctic ecosystem and life around the planet.

We are in danger of losing one of Earth’s great ecosystems and one of its most important life support systems. Yet, some do not see the melting ice as a warning, but as a business opportunity. Oil majors are racing to drill for oil in perilous conditions, industrial fishing fleets are venturing further into waters previously protected by the sea ice, and Arctic States are competing to claim the area around the North Pole. This outstandingly beautiful region has become a battleground.

At Greenpeace we are working resolutely to stop the industrialisation of the Arctic. We’re working towards a complete ban on off-shore drilling and destructive industrial fishing, and to establish a global sanctuary around the North Pole.

The power to protect the Arctic lies with some of the most powerful countries and corporations on the planet. We are under no illusion that the battle to protect the Arctic will be won overnight – it took 15 years of determination to create World Park Antarctic, a site protected from mineral exploitation. With your investment, you can help us do the same for the Arctic, and protect it from destruction for decades to come, saving animal habitat and the world’s life support systems.

Keep Oceans Healthy

Home to more than 80% of life on Earth, our oceans are vital to the future of the natural world. But today’s industrialised fishing practices far exceed nature’s ability to replenish the oceans, putting intense pressure on fish stocks and throwing entire ecosystems into chaos. For decades the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) – the EU’s principal regulation on fishing – has failed. Small-scale low-impact fishers in the UK are allocated only 4% of the UK’s fishing quota, whilst most is unfairly allocated to massive monster boats and foreign-owned vessels. Today, one third of all fish caught within the UK’s quota is in fact landed overseas.

We need to ensure the UK government implements properly the new and improved CFP, by investigating corruption within the system and researching regulations that increase market access for low-impact UK fishers.

In more distant waters, the notoriously destructive methods of the tuna fishing industry are indiscriminately killing sharks, turtles and much more marine life. We will continue to target the worst offenders on the seas and in the supermarkets to stop this and expose the huge corporations whose reckless practices threaten our oceans. This is a significant challenge that requires specific people with precise skills. It will take substantial investment, but we are confident we can succeed.

An investment of £6,000 could buy a remote-controlled video quadcopter that allows investigators to take covert videos of environmental destruction.

An investment of £70,000 could cover legal costs in a major campaign – both helping to build a robust case against those who illegally destroy the environment, and to stand up to industries and companies when they fight back.

Will you consider joining the next global campaign to end environmental destruction?

Humanity has caused many of the problems that threaten the essential life support systems of our planet. Now, it is up to humanity to stand up and save our planet for future generations.

To create lasting change, we must re-evaluate our narrow definition of prosperity. Growing inequality and environmental destruction should not be the costs of progress. We need to develop new values. This means supporting green entrepreneurs, and bold and innovative new technologies.

It can be done – if far-sighted individuals are willing to stand with us as Venture Philanthropists.

You have the power to be one such person. To tackle the apathy that has allowed environmental destruction to continue. To stand up and make a lasting difference to the natural world, and all that depend upon it.

I would love to discuss this with you in more detail. That’s why I hope you’ll give me a call on 020 7865 8219, or email me at graham.gilby@greenpeace.org to set up a meeting.

Alternatively, I’d be happy to send you our full proposal – please provide your contact details.

Thank you.

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