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Plastic-free rivers
Our rivers are a source of life. But they are becoming plastic waterways - harming wildlife and polluting our oceans.

That’s why Greenpeace has crossed the UK doing the biggest ever plastic testing of our rivers to see how bad the problem has become. The results are in, all 13 rivers tested contain plastic and the River Mersey had proportionally more plastic than The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

This is not acceptable. We need to protect the rivers that connect us, the air we breathe and the soil where nature takes root. To do that we need to get the UK government to back an Environment Bill that slashes throwaway plastic and has a strong independent watchdog to enforce new, ambitious targets.


To: UK government

"You can stand up for our environment. Commit to slashing throwaway plastic and give the green light to a strong, independent environment watchdog that enforces ambitious targets for restoring nature."

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