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EDF's mud must be shown to be safe
EDF are planning to build a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The company wants to dump muddy waste in the Severn Estuary to clear the way for a new nuclear reactor. More than 300,000 tonnes of this mud is from old nuclear power sites. Some of the mud is the byproduct of Britain’s atomic weapons programme.

With the new dumping site just a mile away from Cardiff shoreline, there’s real concern from critics that this mud could re-concentrate into more dangerous radioactive material and be washed ashore in storm surges.

Nobody knows for certain if this mud is safe or not, but what we do know is that the methods for deciding so are based on an out of date assessment. EDF must test this mud properly to ensure the mud isn’t dangerously radioactive.

Government plans to build a new nuclear site at Hinkley are already a financial disaster. We can’t let EDF make Welsh waters an environmental disaster too.


To: Simone Rossi, CEO EDF Energy

"Show beyond doubt that mud you want to dump isn’t radioactive and is totally safe. Until then, immediately put a stop to plans for EDF to dump waste into the Severn Estuary."

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