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The Scottish Government recently announced that it will introduce a Deposit Return Scheme on single use drink containers. It is time for the rest of the UK to do the same.
16 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day in the UK. Many of them end up in our oceans – where they pollute for hundreds of years. 

Deposit return schemes work by placing a small deposit on a plastic bottle, which you get back when you return it to be reused or recycled. And they really work! Deposit schemes in countries like Netherlands and Norway have increased collection rates of plastic bottles as high as 95%.

Three quarters of people in the UK already support introduction of deposit return schemes, will you show your support too and sign the petition today?


I support the creation of bottle deposit return schemes across the UK.

Scotland’s commitment to introduce a deposit return scheme is a huge win for us, and the oceans! The Welsh Government is also considering such a scheme as part of a wider attempt to tackle litter and waste. But let’s not stop there, together we can make sure the rest of the UK follows suit.
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We're fighting to end the plastic pollution that's devastating our seas and ocean wildlife. Will you become a financial supporter to help save these natural wonders?
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