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Transform Transport
If you’ve ever cycled along a dangerous route or walked your kids to school along a heavily polluted, traffic filled road – you’d know that our transport system needs work. It is polluting, expensive and inaccessible to many.

But instead of fixing these problems, the UK government is about to spend £27bn over the next five years on the largest ever road building project.

Instead of pushing ahead with this outdated project, the government could use the money to fix potholes, overhaul public transport, make it safer for walking and cycling, and move us towards the green recovery they promised.

We urgently need to tell the government that a green recovery doesn’t mean more traffic and pollution - but massive investment in sustainable, affordable and safe travel for the entire UK.


To: UK government

"'Fix our transport system, so everyone in the UK has affordable, accessible and sustainable transport options. For starters, that means:

(1) Ramping up investment in public transport, walking and cycling
(2) Repairing the roads we have instead of building new ones,
(3) Making sure all new cars and vans are 100% electric powered by 2030”

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