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We need to talk about forest destruction!
The truth hurts, but the turkey, chicken and other meat we eat in the UK is destroying forests.

To avoid climate breakdown, we need to cut the amount of meat we eat by 70% in the next ten years and eat more plant-based food.

Lots of people don’t actually know that meat is destroying our forests - and that’s OK. Companies have worked hard to hide the facts from us all!

But if lots of us start to talk about it with our friends, family and loved ones, we can help to change that. Will you pledge to talk about forest destruction?

You don’t need to be an expert on deforestation. Below are some talking points so you’re armed with facts to help have positive conversations.


"The meat we eat is destroying our forests. I pledge to talk about it this Christmas."

Talking Points
  1. Forests and other vital habitats in South America are being wiped out for meat. The food we eat is responsible for 80% of tropical deforestation.
  2. Since 2010, 50 million hectares of forest have been destroyed – an area twice the size of the UK.
  3. Unique habitats like the Brazilian Cerrado - the world’s most wildlife-rich savannah - are being destroyed to grow crops for animal feed.
  4. Millions of tonnes of this feed are imported to the UK every year, mostly to feed factory-farmed animals like chickens, pigs and turkeys.
  5. The link between meat and deforestation has been kept hidden by the companies that sell us all this chicken, pork and turkey. We need to put pressure on them to change our food system by dramatically reducing how much meat they sell and leaving forests intact.
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