Princes and John West: stop trashing our oceans

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The shocking footage above comes from tuna fishing operations using Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs). They attract all types of marine life, including sharks, rays and turtles, which get caught in giant nets before being tossed overboard, dead or dying.

Major supermarkets like Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsburys have all banned FADs from their own-brand tuna. But John West and Princes lag behind.

After heavy public campaigning in 2011, both promised to go 100% FAD-free. Princes promised to cut out FADs by the end of this year, but with three months left to go, less than a quarter of their tuna is FAD-Free. And John West promised to clean up their tuna by 2016 - but now our intelligence is that they want to re-write their promise and keep using FADs.

Send a message now to Princes and John West to tell them to stop killing sharks, turtles and rays. We won’t accept broken promises. They must keep their word and protect our oceans.

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